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Starlight in Paris - Star Drops Illuminating Drops

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Starlight in Paris
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Be sparkling like Paris celebrates with the illuminating drops from our high glitter Straight in Paris collection.

Innovation: Its liquid and light texture with a glitter effect covers the skin with a sublime shiny veil and a sparkling radiance that reflects the light.

These drops of light will give you a radiant and sparkling complexion until the end of the night. The tint fades at will for a more or less marked intensity.

Tips for use:

Shake well before use.

All over the face:
Mix 2 drops with foundation or face care to boost the radiance of the complexion.

Apply to the top of the cheekbones, the brow bone and the bridge of the nose and blend in a veil of light.


On bare or made-up skin, it gives relief to your features and illuminates the areas that capture the light thanks to its sublime glitter.

Your complexion is luminous and shimmering with a glittery and refined effect.

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