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Life's a Peach Blush

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Life’s a Peach Blush, with its delicious peach scent, delicately colors the cheekbones by depositing a light iridescent veil for a natural, long-lasting healthy glow effect. Its creamy texture does not mark pores and fine lines and is easy to apply.

FORMULA: Composed of 77% ingredients of natural origin and infused with peach extracts, the soft complexion awakening blush with a creamy texture and a bewitching fragrance is a real pleasure on application.

RESULT: The cheekbones are enhanced and the complexion is sparkling. Succumb to no make up make up and reveal a sublime peach complexion!
Non-comedogenic. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Advice for use:

Apply with finger or brush, smoothing from the inside out of the face. Succumb to no make up make up and say hello to perfect bare skin!

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